Point Cloud Cropping Tools

Set of tools for comfortable work with point clouds. Extends standard AutoCAD functions with:

  • precise point cloud cropping
  • crop with buffer, plane, sphere
  • multiple clouds cropping
  • work with locked point clouds

3D Pipe Tools

Collection of instruments for automated pipe modeling:

  • semi-automated pipe fit to structured/unified point cloud
  • joining pipes with elbows
  • work with pipe centerline
  • T-joints, reducers, flanges

Advanced 2D/3D modelling tools

Different tools to make 2D/3D modelling easier.

  • Quick setting of local UCS
  • Joining polylines
  • Profile align
  • Others...

Virtual Reality Apps

Virtual Museums

Coming soon...

Oculus Apps

Coming soon...

UAV photogrammetry

Drone survey with postprocessing resulted in orthomosaics, DSM/DTM, 3D models.

Close-range photogrammetry

3D modelling of buildings, structures, heritage sites and ancient objects.

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